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Posted on 6-Jan-2020 8:04
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Falling for a scam is something that most people will not admit to. Scammers know this and use it to their advantage, but their victims have no reason to feel embarrassed. Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of people who have been conned out of money or personal information. Most of them were highly educated and affluent—not the type of people you’d think could fall for a scam. I, too, have fallen victim to a scammer’s clever tricks.

Your Family Members and Friends

You may think that if you tell your family, they will feel you are unfit to manage your affairs. Again, this is what scammers want you to think. However, by telling your loved ones, you accomplish two goals:

You show them that you ARE capable of managing your affairs because you are now taking the proper steps to mitigate the situation.
You protect them from becoming a scammer’s next victims.
For example, over the past few years, scammers have been calling unsuspecting members of the public pretending to be from the IRS and claiming they owe money. The fraudulent caller will threaten to issue an arrest warrant in your name and send an officer to arrest you if you do not pay up immediately. People of all ages have received this call, and many have paid.

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